Special Event: Understanding & Overcoming Suffering

While this event has concluded, you can still download the materials and listen to the audio recording of the presentations for free.  See below for links.

Thank you for joining us for the special invitation event on Understanding & Overcoming Sufferingthat was held Friday October 14th and Sunday October 16th, led by marriage and family professor Brent Hunter


Has God abandoned us?

Is God really responsible for the evil in this world?

Why is there suffering in the world?

These presentations will help answer these questions and look into the Bible for practical advice on dealing with human suffering.

Each attendee will receive their own set of materials at no charge.

You may hear about this event on the radio as it's also being advertised on Christian radio stations Spirit 105.3-FM and KCIS-AM 630. Click on this audio file link to listen to the the radio ad.

The address of the church building is 10421 NE 140th St, Kirkland, WA 98034. Click here for map and to get directions.

The Kirkland Church of Christ is an UN-denominational church focused on God’s Word, authentic worship and meaningful relationships.


Event Details

Part 1: How can a loving omnipotent God allow suffering?

When: Friday, October 14th at 7:30PM


Audio Recording

This presentation answers what are, on the surface, the most compelling arguments that atheists have to logically defy the basic tenets of Christian belief in God.  How could a God who is both good and loving and all powerful possibly allow such suffering to exist in the world?   Their reasoning goes like this: if He is all powerful and just chooses to not stop the suffering, then He is not good and loving.  If He is good and loving but is unable to stop the suffering, then He is not truly omnipotent.  Sounds plausible enough such that it has caused some to lose their faith or never attain faith.  But this a false syllogism - this line of reason is a fallacy.  Actually, there are clear Biblical answers to these questions.  We will  point out the fallacy and prove it is false  beyond any reasonable doubt in this insightful lesson!  Come and check it out!

Part 2: The pressure of adversity: lessons from the book of Job

When: Sunday, October 16th at 10:30AM


Audio Recording

This presentation deals with Job's suffering and God's amazing answers to Job at the end of the book.  We will see the four life areas in which Job was tested, the same life areas we encounter the pressure of adversity today.  From this lesson we will learn how to deal with issues we all can relate to in this fallen world.

Presented by Brent Hunter at the Kirkland Church of Christ.  Located off I-405 at exit 22.

All are welcome! Please join us for this free event.


About The Speaker

Brent Hunter has been active in holding marriage and parenting workshops for churches all over the US, and has been a successful marriage counselor for the last twenty-five years.

Brent worked for 26 years as both a professor and administrator at Florida College (a four year Christian college in Temple Terrace, FL), where he taught Bible, Speech, and Marriage and Family.  During his years on the faculty he was selected by his students as the top rated lecturing professor on multiple occasions.  Brent is a certified seminar facilitator for the Family Dynamics Institute and licensed to administer the Prepare and Enrich diagnostic tool for premarital and marital counseling.  He has been happily married to his wife Gail for 36 years, and they have two married daughters and three grandchildren.

Brent Hunter has also done evangelistic work with churches since he was 20 years old.  He has worked with congregations in Florida, Kentucky, California, and now in the great Northwest.   

Brent’s focus is primarily on marriage and family enrichment with a focus towards preventing problems.  We are pleased to have him as our featured speaker for these practical lessons on marriage and family here at the Kirkland church of Christ - Where families build eternal homes!

For more information about our speaker click here.


Audio Recordings

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